• Travenius Tips – Tobago Beaches

    Tobago’s beaches offer a lot more than just sand and waves. Especially on the Caribbean side there are a lot of options for surfing, kite surfing, snorkeling. Most beaches with the exception of Store Bay and Pigeon Point are usually not busy and there is a good chance you don’t have to share “your” Tobago beach with very few other people. Just check out our guidebook to explore more of Tobago’s (and Trinidad’s) beaches, activities and much more…
    Guidebook Trinidad & Tobago

  • Travenius Tips – Barbados Beaches

    Despite being a small island Barbados offers a lot of diversity – also when it comes to beaches. Whether you just want to hang out or are looking to improve you surfing skills – There is a beach for every purpose. We cannot feature all of them but picked a selection of those we like best.

  • Travenius Tips – Festivals in Barbados

    Looking to Party? Count Barbados in! There are lots of festivities around the year with Crop Over being arguably the biggest party of the island reacing its peak in August.

  • Travenius Tips – Get Ready for Trinidad Carnival

    Come join us for Carnival in Trinidad – The biggest party in the Caribbean. We will help you understand this beautiful event, guide you through the common pitfalls and get you in. Carnival! Be part of it!

    Let us help you with all the planning: https://travenius.guide/carnival-in-trinidad/

  • Travenius Tips: Three Ways to Get on the Water in Grenada

    There is absolutely no way we’ll let you go on a trip to Grenada without leaving you with some tips for having a blast on the water. No Caribbean vacation is complete without splashing around in the big blue sea and Grenada is no exception to the rule. Year round the waters are warm and inviting.