• Travenius Tips: Three Ways to Get on the Water in Grenada

    There is absolutely no way we’ll let you go on a trip to Grenada without leaving you with some tips for having a blast on the water. No Caribbean vacation is complete without splashing around in the big blue sea and Grenada is no exception to the rule. Year round the waters are warm and inviting.

  • Travenius Tips: Spices of Spice Island

    This week take a trip with us to the “Isle of Spice” aka. Grenada! This Caribbean gem definitely doesn’t fall short on flavor. The interior is flourishing with a lush tropical jungle, which is not only super fun to hike and explore but also provides the perfect climate for growing an abundance of high-quality spices. When traveling in Grenada, you’ll find them mixed into all kinds of dishes and drinks – a foodie’s dream.

  • Travenius Tips: Grenada’s Top Eco Resorts

    You probably know Grenada for its beautiful beaches, locally-grown spices, lush tropical rainforests, and welcoming people. But did you know that the Caribbean’s “Island of Spice” also has some really unique and sustainable hotels?